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Canvas: Lead with your brand—not ours

Whether you’re a Photoshop pro or a design newbie, our design tools are for you.

With the most flexible solution on the market, you’ll be able to create invitation emails and registration websites without the constraint of restrictive templates — so you can lead with your brand, not ours.

Create a smart guest list with built-in collaboration tools

Getting the right people on your list is a team effort — and one that shouldn’t rely on messy Google Sheets. Our built-in collaboration tools make it easy to build a smart, segmented list without hitting bottlenecks or letting your list get two-times too long.

Import from Salesforce

Our native, bi-directional Salesforce integration makes it easy to import contacts directly from a Salesforce campaign into Event Farm — and vice versa.

Upload from your desktop

Our uploader sweats the small stuff so you don’t have to. It prevents mistakes before they happen and makes sure the data uploaded to Event Farm is clean and reliable.

Add and invite from your phone

On the go? Our mobile app, Listed, makes it easy to quickly add and invite guests directly from your phone.

A check-in app that works as fast as you do

Our check-in app works quickly and stores data reliably. Easily check guests in with a swipe or a scan. Keep track of who’s in the room by syncing data across devices — in real time. And if WiFi drops? Data will save locally and automatically sync once you’re back online.

Dig in to event metrics with built-in reporting

Whether you’re comparing one event’s performance to another or want to uncover attendee insights, you’ll have the tools you need to to dig in and put your data to work.

Sync event data across your tech stack

Push check-in alerts to Slack. Automatically send attendee surveys through SurveyMonkey. Create event walk-ins as new leads in Marketo. Leverage a robust Salesforce integration to understand event impact on your bottom line — and more. Event Farm works with over 1,000 apps to help you seamlessly run smarter event campaigns.

Event Farm integrates with over 1000 apps.
Logos of companies Event Farm can integrate with, including Slack and Zapier

Support response times over 70% faster.

Event Farm is more than just the tech. You're getting the full support of a group of happy humans — who happen to know a lot about using our tech to host strategic and engaging events.
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