Open up a new world of event engagement.

Text your attendees.
Because it’s time to do better than email.

Email is a lot of things — timely is not one of them. When your event is now, you want to communicate with attendees now. Which is why you should send them a text, not an email.

Whether you’re sending an important update, texting a live poll, or more, EFx Texting has you covered.

EFx Texting
Wearable tech that’s fast,
seamless, and secure

Take EFx to the next level with NFC-powered wearable tech and activations.

Access Control

Quickly manage access to event breakouts or sessions. Attendees swipe their badge, and Access Control grants or denies them entrance.

Product Pick-up

Whether you’re launching a product or managing an open bar, Product Pickup will verify that whatever you’re handing over is landing in the right hands.

Content Delivery

Quickly share photos, website links, PDFs, and more. Attendees simply swipe their badge at a designated kiosk, and EFx will automatically send — via text message or email — the content they’ve requested.

Raffle System

Attendees enter raffles by swiping their badges at raffle entry kiosks. EFx Raffle will choose random winners and send them a text to let them know they’ve won.

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Keep the conversation going

Personalized engagement doesn’t have to end when the event does

EFx Digital Memory Bank picks up where your event left off. Whether you’re sharing photos, blog posts, promotions — or anything else you can think up — each attendee can log into their personalized Digital Memory Bank hub to learn more about you, your event, and your sponsors.

It’s a win-win: Your guests receive content and promotions relevant to their interests, and you and your sponsors continue the conversation once the event is over.

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